Teen Programs & Schedules

Teen Art League

Ages 13-17, Saturdays 1:30-2:30pm

Artworks Trenton is happy to announce that the Free Teen Art Series has expanded with a brand new name - Teen Art League! This free programming, designed to inspire the teens of our communities, will now be offered all throughout the year with a variety of classes introducing new and exciting techniques in sculpting, drawing, collage, and so much more. These classes will be held in Artworks’ 40-foot-high sky lit classrooms March through December and are scheduled on Saturday, 1:30-2:30pm for teens ages 13-17.


"La Vida Mia (My Life) Photography Workshop (Ages 8-17)"

11:30am-1:30pm - English courses - Register Here

2:30-4:30pm - Cursos de español - Registrar aquí

Instructor: Tamara Torres

$5 Material Fee for the Month

$5 cuota de material para el mes

Online Registration is mandatory and limited to 10 students.

El registro en línea es obligatorio y limitado a 10 estudiantes.


*Students must commit to all three courses in order to participate.

*Los estudientes necesitan comprometerse a los tres cursos para participar.

Introducing a three course workshop where we will learn what photography is and how we can use photography to tell our story to the world. Tamara Torres, a Trenton-based artist who has exhibited her work internationally, picked up her first camera at 12 years old. Her camera and the art she created, offered her many ways of self-expression which opened up exhibition opportunities around the world. Ms. Torres will teach the secrets she has learned through photography and photo-collage, lessons on expression and creativity. Her course will culminate in a private reception of the students’ work!

Presentamos un curso de tres taller donde vamos a aprender lo que es la fotografía y cómo podemos utilizar la fotografía para contar nuestra historia al mundo. Tamara Torres, una artista de Trenton que ha expuesto su arte internacionalmente, recogió su primera cámara a los 12 años. La cámara y el arte que ella creó, le ofrece muchas formas de auto-expresión que abrió oportunidades de exposición en todo el mundo. Ms. Torres enseñará los secretos que ha aprendido a través de la fotografía y el foto-collage, lecciones sobre la expresión y la creatividad. El curso culminará con una recepción privada de los trabajos de los estudiantes!

September 2nd – First Course

Septiembre 2 - Primer Curso

Learn about some of the greatest photographers in the world. Implement a plan to create your story as it’s never been told before. Learn to use the camera that is given to you, learning about light, viewpoints, contrast, and come up with a story-board for the next course.

Aprender acerca de algunos de los mejores fotógrafos del mundo. Implementar un plan para crear tu historia como nunca ha sido informado antes. Aprender a utilizar la cámara en la que se le ha dado a usted, el aprendizaje acerca de la luz, miradores, contraste y venir para arriba con una historia junta para el próximo curso.

September 9th – 2nd Course

Septiembre 9 - Segundo Curso

 Go over your prints that you took after the first course, as we discuss the experience. Learn to edit your finalized print and create a collage incorporating Ms. Torre’s secrets. Learn to talk about your art and prepare for a final exhibition with friends and family.

Ir a través de las impresiones que se tomó después del primer curso, cuando hablamos de la experiencia. Aprender a modificar su ultimó imprimir y crear un collage incorporando la Ms. Torres secretos. Aprender a hablar sobre su arte y preparar una exposición final con los amigos y la familia.

September 16th – Third Course & Reception

Septiembre 16 - Tercer Curso y La Recepción

Display your work at a private viewing with family and friends. Students will share their photography and give a small artist talk about it in a two hour reception.

Mostrar su trabajo en una visita privada con familia y amigos. Los estudiantes compartirán su fotografía y dar un pequeño artista  explicaciónen.


"The Art of Halloween"

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

$5 Material Fee for the Month

(If you are unable to afford this fee, please contact education@artworkstrenton.org)

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*If your child is not able to attend every class, please notify the Education Coordinator at: education@artworkstrenton.org

October 14th – Skull and Crossbones

Learn how to draw human anatomy based off of what it looks like on the inside.

October 21st – The Art of Terror

From Goya to Giger, be inspired by great artists while you learn to draw your nightmares.

October 28th – Classic Horror Movie Posters

Whether it's The Mummy or The Blob, create your own horror movie poster inspired by classic 1950s films.


"Aspiring Artists Series"

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

$5 Material Fee for the Month

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*If your child is not able to attend every class, please notify the Education Coordinator at: education@artworkstrenton.org

November 11th – Book Binding: Make a Sketchbook

Many artists use sketchbooks as a journal to keep all their creative thoughts together. Join us to create your very own sketchbook!

November 18th –  Make a Travel Supply Case

Are you an artist on the go? Join us to create your very own art supply roll up bag so you can make art anytime, anywhere!


"Sewing and Fiber Art"

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

$5 Material Fee for the Month

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*If your child is not able to attend every class, please notify the Education Coordinator at: education@artworkstrenton.org

December 2nd– Record Weaving

Join us to create a one of a kind woven piece on a recycled vinyls.

December 9th – Fancy Fingers

Are your hands chilly? Join us to embellish gloves to make them fun and fancy for the winter season.

December 16th – Embroidered Pillows

Scented, embroidered pillows make great holiday gifts! Join us to embroider, sew, and stuff mini decorative pillows, with the option to add a soothing lavender scent.