Adult Education


Health & Well Being Utilizing Tai Chi & Yoga

Wednesday, April 26th, 12:30-1:30pm & Friday, April 28th, 7-8pm

How can you live a balanced life? Our Tai Chi Program is the answer. Let us teach you to manage your day-to-day stresses to learn to live life to the fullest. Unlocking the creative nature that is inside of everyone. For your initial journey into Tai Chi, we teach Traditional and Contemporary Yang Style Tai Chi.

Instructors: Darren M. Johnson

"I have been studying Tai Chi since 2008 – I started with “harder” styles of Kung Fu in 1999 and since acquiring multiple injuries to my body (through the military and everyday life) was forced to practice Tai Chi.   To my delight, Tai Chi is the best thing that ever happened to me in reference to my Martial practices.  To this day, I am able to function without the use of prescriptions and medications by using Tai Chi to keep me balanced, keep me strong, and to keep me moving."

Anthony T. Jackson 

"My first experience in martial arts was in Taekwondo while in High School.  Upon graduation and entrance into West Point in 1985, I gained experience in the following martial disciplines:  Tang Soo Do and Judo.  I also boxed for 4 years and wrestled for 1 year.  My military training at West Point also included Close Quarters Combat and Advance Close Quarters Combat.  I have been training in Tai Chi for the past 18 years."

Price: $15 Online Registration/ $20 Day of Workshop

Wed., April 26th, 12:30-1:30pm - Register Here

Fri., April 28th, 6-7pm - Register Here


Watercolor Anarchy

Saturday, May 6th & 27th, 10am-1pm

Once titled “Watercolor Independent Study”, this supportive and inclusive group quickly evolved and became known as “Watercolor Anarchy”. This is a great opportunity for those looking to refine their craft and knowledge of watercolor techniques. Set up a still life, use your photos for inspiration - or - experiment with artistic ideas from your inner being.  Work with basic watercolors, textured papers, collage, monoprints or layering and enjoy the flow of watercolor in a supportive and creative group setting. Each week the class finishes with a group critique that the "Anarchists" call ‘show & tell’.

*Please note that materials are not supplied in this workshop. Please refer to the suggested materials list below:

Paint: Winsor-Newton, SoHo or Grumbacher brands are preferred. Be sure to get watercolors and not gouache.

Warm Colors - Cadmium yellow medium, Cadmium red medium or deep, Ultramarine blue, Cobalt blue, Raw sienna or yellow ochre

Cool Colors - Aureolin or Lemon yellow, Alizarin crimson, Antwerp or Winsor (Pthalo) blue, Cerulean blue, Burnt sienna

Palette: Any plastic watercolor well that has wells for paint around the outside with a LARGE mixing area and a lid. A white enameled "butcher" tray or a dinner plate with plastic wrap will work.

Paper: 140lb cold press, suggested brands are Lanaquarelle, Arches and Waterford.

Brushes: 1" flat brush with beveled handle, #10 or #12 round, #5 or #6 round, 1/2" flat (synthetic or blended is fine)

Miscellaneous: Spiral bound sketchbook with heavier or watercolor paper, pencil, roll of masking or artist tape, sponge, water container (ex. leftover yogurt container), paper towels

Instructor: Gail Bracegirdle

Price: $25 per day

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May 27th Register Here



Bookbinding Ins & Outs

Saturday, May 13th & 20th, 11am-4pm

The Bookbinding Ins & Outs returns for another fun weekend at Artworks! In this bookbinding workshop, artists will become familiar with the tools, materials and tricks of the book binding trade! Throughout this course, we’ll explore binding in highly personalized way, creating multiple

soft and hardcover artists’ books. Each artist will create beautiful handmade books, and all the knowledge needed to explore binding in their own work. Artists should anticipate creating a minimum of 6 different books. Beginners welcome!

Students enrolled in “Book Binding Ins & Outs” should anticipate bringing with them the following:

-1 yard of light-weight fabric (silk, cotton, linen; no stretch, no quilting, embroidery, beading, sequins, etc)

-3-4 sheets of decorative papers (minimum size 11x15”; varied weights okay)

-1 sketchbook or notebook in which to take and hold notes

Optional: Binding tools (needles, Xacto knife, bone folder, cutting mat, pencils, rulers, etc). These will be available to be used during the two-day workshop; you do not need to purchase these if you do not already have them. However, if you prefer to use your own tools, please label them.

Optional: Prints, photos, works on paper, etc. These may be used as the covers for both soft and hardcover books. You may also choose to use these in your bindings.

Instructor: Dave DiMarchi

Price: $90

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Introduction to Shibori

Saturday, September 9th, 12-5pm

This workshop is an introduction to Shibori for adults.  Shibori is a Japanese resist dye technique which creates unique patterns on fabric by folding, binding, and sewing.  Participants will create an array of designs dyed in beautiful indigo.

Students enrolled in this class should anticipate bringing the following items:

  • Rubber gloves (i.e. kitchen gloves, disposable latex, etc.) - preferably long cuffs

○ Please wear clothing that can get permanently dirty

 (i.e. old shirt, pants, and/or an apron, etc.)

  • Bring 5-10 small to medium articles of pre-washed 100% cotton plain

white/off white fabric to dye (i.e. t-shirts, leggings, baby clothes, small table runner,

small blankets, cloth napkins, bandanas, etc). The material must be lightweight

and no larger than 1 yard (cotton, muslin, silk, linen, etc).


 RECOMMENDATION: Check out your local thrift store (check the labels for materials!). Polyester blends can work too, but I cannot guarantee dye quality or colorfastness.

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

Price: $40

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