World Sampler



A group exhibit curated by Frances Heinrich
January 15 - February 23, 2013
Artist Presentation & Reception: January 19, 2013
5-6pm Curator Frances Heinrich will present a short Powerpoint talk, “Toward a Globalized Aesthetic.” followed by a gallery tour with exhibiting artists.
6-8pm Reception
"We now live in a world that is constantly changing and becoming conceptually smaller and more connected. Most of us no longer believe or expect that everything is best when it appears Western and White. Instead, a savvy public enjoys and understands a kaleidoscopic blend of world-wide imagery, with all patterns, colors, and appearances equally valid. “World Sampler” seeks to include adventurous and culture-aware works which explore the idea of an increasingly globalized aesthetic.

Participating artists will include Tom Bendtsen, Carl Gombert, Eve Ingalls, Benjamin Jones, Monica Kane, Alan Kesselhaut, Frances Heinrich, and George Shortess. These artists all share a strong global/cultural consciousness and all “sample” some aspect of a global awakening. Issues of ethnicity, environment, information overload, and the search for a better quality of life are undertaken. The installations, sculptures, and wall works have been selected both for their high artistic merit and for their sensitivity to current concerns." - Curator, Frances Heinrich


Participating Artists:

Tom Bendtsen
Carl Gombert
Eve Ingalls
Benjamin Jones
Monica Kane
Alan Kesselhaut
Frances Heinrich
George Shortess