The Trenton Photo Club Focuses On The Beauty of Trenton

Image via Chris Marinari

Looking to take in some captivating photography during Art All Day Trenton 2017? You definitely need to check out the Trenton Photo Club at 69 Cromwell Alley on November 4. While anyone with an iPhone can consider themselves a competent photographer, the Trenton Photo Club prides itself in showcasing the beauty within the City of Trenton, and that directive was handed down straight from the top by TPC founder Chris Marinari.

We got a chance to speak with Marinari about the origin of the Trenton Photo Club, the highlights of being a member, and a glimpse at what they have in store for Art All Day 2017.

When did the Trenton Photo Club begin? What was the reason for the creation of the Photo Club?
I started the club in July 2014 after asking several people in the Trenton art community if there was a organization that focused on photography in the city that I could become involved with. After hearing that no there wasn’t and that I should start it from all of them, I did. 
What makes the Trenton Photo Club different from other clubs in a similar vein?
There are no other clubs in a similar vein. There are other places where people share photos of Trenton but you will not find pictures of homeless people taken with the intent to mock them or photos of garbage strewn streets taken from moving cars by people who can’t wait to get back out of the city on our page. There are other Photo Clubs in the region but not one that focuses on the city and costs nothing to join. I believe we are unique in our function and our approach. The Trenton Photo Club’s objective is to unite photographers; experienced, non-experienced and the beginner who share the common interest, Trenton New Jersey. It doesn't matter if you take pictures with a cell phone, DSLR or film camera, you are welcome to join us and explore all of the photographic opportunities that Trenton has to offer.

Image via Rob Keephart

How many people are considered members of the Trenton Photo Club?
We currently have 281 members on our Facebook Group Page. According to the member insight tools they provide, 191 are active on a regular basis. Of those members I would estimate 30-40 participate in our Photo Walks, Field Trips or other events. 
What does it take to be a member?
All it takes is a request on Facebook to join. One of our admins will look at your profile to ensure that it’s a valid request, not a spam account, and usually approve it. You do not have to be a Trenton resident in order to be a part of this club. It is open to anyone and everyone who has a love of photography and an interest in Trenton. That said, it is a club. We will remove members who show disregard to the rules of the club, attack other members or are negative towards the City of Trenton. 
Talk about what the Trenton Photo Club has in store for Art All Day this year.
The Photo Club will be having a Pop Up Gallery and open house party mixer for Art All Day. We should have prints from about 20 members on display. Local photographer Devon John Chebra will be there to talk about her daguerreotypes and other alternative processes.  We are still working on the final list of musical acts, but we currently have booked Ellen Anderson, an amazing singer-songwriter who plays guitar and fiddle, and Jessica Stanley, a local favorite ukulele player with an incredible voice. There will be light food and refreshments. 
What else does the Trenton Photo Club have going on in the near future?
We have a couple photo walks in the works that should happen before the end of the year. One of the objectives of the club is to give members an opportunity to display their work in a group setting. We currently have three TPC group shows booked over the next 12 months: The Trent House Museum, Artworks, and Hopewell Valley Vineyard.
Earlier this year we started what we call “Field Trips”. This was a way for us to go outside the city limits to take pictures with a Trenton-based photographer’s perspective. The first one we did gave our members the opportunity to be on the photo team for MCA Day Brooklyn 2017. While it may be impossible to top being on stage taking pictures of Chuck D performing, we have one that will be announced soon that should be almost as much fun. From the onset we have been about positivity, diversity, and mutual growth of our skills as photographers. The future will be much more of the same. 

Want to learn more about the Trenton Photo Club? Check out their Facebook group! And for more details on Art All Day 2017, check out our website.