Steel Ice & Stone


Exhibiting in the Artworks ArtLab December 14,2013 through January 4, 2014

An opening reception will be held on December 14, 2013 5-7pm

The photographer and installation artist, Anita Giraldo, conceptualized the piece, uniting concepts and media into an integrated sensory environment—activated only upon the presence of viewers. Steel Ice and Stone is the latest of multi-media works created by the New York-based artist, and it melds the latest technology in transmitted imagery and micro-controller sound playback.

Viewers Create and Experience a multimedia experience from back-lit images and sound just by walking through the exhibition space.

Nine suspended 4-by-5 foot LED panels are each equipped with sensor-triggered sound bites of bird calls and machines. As viewers walk through the space, they trip the sensors, effectively creating a different sound experience dependent on the number and location of viewers in the exhibition space. The abstract images and morphing sound aim for the viewer to reconnect with a forgotten nuance in their memory

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