November Exhibits at Artworks

Main Gallery

Art All Day Exhibition

November 14 – November 28 (Opening Reception - November 14, 5-8pm)

The Art All Day exhibition will showcase one work per artist that participates in our Art All Day event.  Art All Day is a way to tour the arts in the city of Trenton, and visit the working studios of the city’s artists.  Pop up galleries will be open around the city for the artists that are outside of the tours area, or just outside the city.  To find out more click here:



Community Gallery

Orphaned Art

November 7 – November 28  (Opening Reception - November 14, 5-8pm)

Exhibit showcasing works that were abandoned at Artworks.  All works will be priced to sell!

Artlab Gallery

Outsider Artist Program – Open Studio Exhibition

November 7 – November 28  (Opening Reception - November 14, 5-8pm)

Members of Artworks Outsider Artist Program  will be exhibiting their recent works in an eclectic mix of paintings, sculpture, and other works.