Mujeres – Main Gallery Exhibit

Mujeres – Main Gallery Exhibit

September 2016

Main Gallery


Mujeres - Curated by Eva Loayza

September 6- October 1, 2016 ( Opening Reception - September 10, 6-8pm )

The Mujeres Exhibition shows the complexity and range of Latina women and Latino culture in the United States. This all female exhibition demonstrates that we are more than feisty, fiery, spicy and all the other adjectives that have been assigned to us by mainstream culture; that we are more than the limited portrayals in the media by featuring Latina artists of different backgrounds, experiences and mediums.

Latinas have been over sexualized and oversimplified. As one study put it, "one may infer that Latinas are overly sensual but also religious, conservative and family oriented. They have a Spanish accent and a homogeneous look...In fact, Latinas are a heterogeneous group with different levels of assimilation in the USA, dis-similar cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, and diverse physical builds.”

As Latinos, we are often lumped under a title that’s so vast that our individuality is lost. We come from different countries, some of us directly, others through family ties. We have our own dialects, our own food, our own holidays and traditions. While language and cultural similarities bond us, we are uniquely different. We hope to put this diversity on display with Mujeres.

Featured Artists

Esperanza Cortes

Guadalupe Reyes

Jennifer Rivera

Tamara Torres

Mary Valverde