Mindfulness: Health & Well Being Utilizing Tai Chi & Yoga


Health & Well Being Utilizing Tai Chi & Yoga

Wednesday, April 26th, 12:30-1:30pm & Friday, April 28th, 6-7pm

How can you live a balanced life? Our Tai Chi Program is the answer. Let us teach you to manage your day-to-day stresses to learn to live life to the fullest. Unlocking the creative nature that is inside of everyone. For your initial journey into Tai Chi, we teach Traditional and Contemporary Yang Style Tai Chi.

Instructors: Darren M. Johnson

"I have been studying Tai Chi since 2008 – I started with “harder” styles of Kung Fu in 1999 and since acquiring multiple injuries to my body (through the military and everyday life) was forced to practice Tai Chi.   To my delight, Tai Chi is the best thing that ever happened to me in reference to my Martial practices.  To this day, I am able to function without the use of prescriptions and medications by using Tai Chi to keep me balanced, keep me strong, and to keep me moving."

Anthony T. Jackson 

"My first experience in martial arts was in Taekwondo while in High School.  Upon graduation and entrance into West Point in 1985, I gained experience in the following martial disciplines:  Tang Soo Do and Judo.  I also boxed for 4 years and wrestled for 1 year.  My military training at West Point also included Close Quarters Combat and Advance Close Quarters Combat.  I have been training in Tai Chi for the past 18 years."

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