Volunteering Together at Art All Night – Trenton: Megan and Tom


Image via Anna Davenport

As we head into Art All Night - Trenton 2017, we realized something: this is the 11th Art All Night - Trenton that Artworks has put on. That number 11 is an odd one, mainly because it's just a couple of ones. In trying to get everything squared away for this year's Art All Night - Trenton, it's interesting to think about how many different couples make up our teams, especially our teams of volunteers.

In the spirit of community (which is one of the core values that Art All Night - Trenton is built on), let's take some time out to look at some of the couples that make up our group of Art All Night - Trenton volunteers. First up, we got to speak to Megan, an Art All Night - Trenton volunteering veteran who has been volunteering with her husband Tom since 2014.

What made you and Tom want to volunteer as a couple?
We [are] shift captains together, and have been volunteering together [at Art All Night - Trenton] for the past three years. I have been volunteering since the first year they held it, and once I met my husband Tom and he moved here to the USA, I got him involved with me. It was a great way for him to get to know new people, share in my passion for art and volunteering, and for him to learn about his new community.

We volunteer together because it's a great way to spend time together, to give back and we just always have sooo much fun. Tom loves the music and fun vibes and I love the art!!!

Do you have any crazy stories of volunteering with your significant other?
Well, for the past three years we have been captains of the graveyard shift! One of my funniest moments with Tom at Art All Night - Trenton was when a pair of silent disco headphones went for a walk. I sent Tom to find them, [and] then all I see is Tom in the middle of huge crowd of people outside at the backstage following a glowing head through the crowd! (laughs) I laughed so hard he almost got trampled.

We also always seem to take out the trash together and we try to guess what's in the bag by the gross smells.

What’s the best part about volunteering with your significant other?
I believe the best part about volunteering with Tom is that he's my best friend and I get to share my favorite event of the year with him. Also, by both of us volunteering, it's as if we can be in two places at once. The things that I see I [get to] tell Tom about, and the things he sees he tells me.

Do you spend any time at Art All Night - Trenton not volunteering with your significant other?
We always spend time there just as visitors enjoying the event. We usually spend all day Saturday enjoying it. We stay, have dinner, then go home and get a power nap before we come back for the graveyard shift. We usually meet up with friends or bring people who have never been.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Art All Night - Trenton?
I love [the] silent disco! [It's] my favorite! Tom says he loves the bands and is always hearing something new. And we both agree the art is just incredible every year! We also love disco fries from the Cuban truck!!!

For more information on volunteering at Art All Night - Trenton, check out our website.