March Exhibitions at Artworks

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March 2016

Main Gallery

3rd Annual Juried Print Exhibition

 March 5 – April 2, 2016 ( Opening Reception – March 5, 6-8pm)

 Printmakers selected from around the tri-state area will be exhibiting prints created using traditional, hand-pulled media or a hybrid of traditional hand pulled media in this juried exhibition.

Juror: Justin Staller

Justin received his BA from Penn State University, his MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and his MS from Villanova University.  Justin specializes in ‘non-toxic” or “green” methods of printmaking that are solvent free and focuses on the manipulation of the photo polymer film ImagOn.  Justin was awarded the Marvin Bileck Printmaking Project from Bowdoin College, has presented at the PMA, The Print and Picture Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Fleisher/Ollman, Second State Press and the Print Center.  Justin has been a member of the collective studio Space 1026 for 10 years and has shown with space at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, ICA Philadelphia, 96 Gillespie, Cinders Gallery, and The Print Center.   In addition to his teaching rotation, Justin also works as the Area Representative for the department of Art and Design, and is certified PA state counselor working with D/A clients.  He lives in Fishtown with his son and two cats.


First place = $200.00, Second place = $75.00, Third place = $50.00.



Marchelo Vera- “Portal: Radial Symmetry”

Like most printmakers I have a process that I devote my time and energy towards, for me that process is ImagOn.   Marchelo's piece exhibits all of the qualities I have come to know in an intaglio-type.  The rich tonal range, the timeless quality of the ink over the surface of the paper, the photographic quality that puzzles the viewer; how was this made?  For the mystery this print creates and the quality in which it is created I have selected it as my first choice in this competition.





Brett Colley – “Stakes”

In my formative years of undergrad I worked very closely with an MFA candidate at Penn State name Brett Boreland.  His work was graphic, comic, dimensional, witty, and created in relief woodcuts.  Mr. Colley's prints are the closest I've come across to matching Mr. Boreland's.  The narrative in this print combines a unique sense of humor and point of view that remains friendly and inviting at first, then as you sit with it, you start to see the process of it all.  The print is printed with care and precision and is an excellent combination of concept and content.




Edward Ward – “Occularity”

When I walked into the gallery space Edward's print jumped out from the walls.  The texture and the formation drew me into the surface.  As a printmaker I am always aware of the moment when I stop looking at the content and turn my eye towards the process.  It is quite a joy to look closely and unravel the mystery that prints create for the viewer.  I feel partial to prints that I can't figure out.  At first my eye said, monoprint, but after closer look I knew I was wrong.  The seamlessness of this intaglio/relief print held my attention long enough for me to realize it was worthy of all of our attentions.




Bill Brookover – “Vibrating Triangles – Gray on Black”

I feel like I've seen this before.  Its familiar, yet I cannot place my finger on where I have encountered this image.  Maybe I thought of the idea and never got around to making it, maybe I saw it hanging on the wall of a gallery and didn't spend much time with it. However, it is that this image seeped into my consciousness I was happy to spend time with it again in the gallery.  The dimensional play helped push the image out of the geometric and the abstract into an image full of movement and depth.



Community Gallery

It’s All Wood – Sean Carney

March 5 – April 2, 2016 ( Opening Reception – March 5, 6-8pm)

My Current body of work is called “It’s All Wood” and consists of paintings of Philadelphia, New York, Boston, New Brunswick, Toronto, Dublin, Princeton and Trenton.  Each piece is sketched on wood, then painted with wood stains.  The highlights are created by carving into the wood, exposing the woods natural color.  Half of the works would be of Trenton, the rest are from cities that I have traveled to.



ArtLab Gallery

Youth Art Month – Mercer County

March 5 – April 2, 2016 ( Opening Reception – March 5, 4-6pm )

This exhibition is a Art Showcase of students, elementary to high school, from around Mercer County.  Arts Educator, Lora Durr, is the curator for this exhibition.