Intro to Shibori

Introduction to Shibori

Saturday, March 4th, 12:30 – 4:30pm – Skills & Instruction Day

 Saturday, March 11th, 1:30-5:30pm – Guided Independent Studio Day


This two day class is an introduction to Shibori for adults.  Shibori is a Japanese resist dye technique which creates unique patterns on fabric by folding, binding, and sewing.  Participants will create an array of designs dyed in beautiful indigo.

Students enrolled in this class should anticipate bringing the following items:


  • Rubber gloves (i.e. kitchen gloves, disposable latex, etc.) - preferably long cuffs

○ Please wear clothing that can get permanently dirty

 (i.e. old shirt, pants, and/or an apron, etc.)


  • Bring at least 5 small to medium articles of pre-washed 100% cotton plain

white/off white fabric to dye (i.e. t-shirts, leggings, baby clothes, small table runner,

small blankets, cloth napkins, bandanas, etc). The material must be lightweight

and no larger than 1 yard (cotton, muslin, silk, linen, etc).

 RECOMMENDATION: Check out your local thrift store (check the labels for materials!). Polyester blends can work too, but I cannot guarantee dye quality or colorfastness. The number of articles to bring really depends on how much of a workload you feel you can complete during the second day of class.

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

Price: $65/ $60 Early Registration (Deadline February 18th)

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