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INS AND OUTS – Bentrice Jusu, Burgess Ekman, Jade Williams, Thomas Montanari 

May 9 – June 3


Reception: May 13, 6-9pm

“The seed of Ins and Outs began during the summer of 2012 at Trenton Central High School on Chambers Street. One of my former students, Bentrice Jusu was conducting a summer arts enrichment program for Trenton high school students that incorporated several strands; digital photography, dance, spoken word, videography, music, hand work and visual art. Working collaboratively with all the students on the visual art project a common thread appeared. The students perceived themselves as “The Lights inside The Box” as metaphor of Trenton itself. Thus began the student’s exploration and process of self-identity.

Six weeks of intense creativity in hot sweltering classrooms and working out on the streets of the city of Trenton created an amazing body of work. The visual art project resulted in the creation of what became known as “The Assemblage”; a large work of art combining mixed media which the students created collaboratively. It became the visual center piece based upon questioning where do I live and where am I from.

The work from that summer has continued inside and outside of my classroom. An off shoot of the program inspired The Drawing Project which began in 2013. It is ongoing process of visual observation and human connection.

To summarize the overarching theme is best described in this way; human connection, self-identification, self-preservation and perseverance regardless of circumstances and physical condition and location.”

– Thomas Montanari




The curators would like to recognize the following Trenton restaurants for graciously donating food for the opening reception.

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