In Pictures: Human/Landscape and Decomposing Vistas

On Saturday, January 27, Artworks Trenton kicked off its 2018 exhibition season with two awesome exhibitions: Human/Landscape and Decomposing Vista. And while it's one thing to hear about these awesome shows, it's another thing entirely to see everything that's going on. That's where this new series, In Pictures, comes in, where we round up some of the best shots from our exhibitions as they hit social media.

That means we need YOU to take your best shots and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You best bet is to either tag us or make sure you tag Artworks Trenton in your location. We'll find you.

Here's a look at shots at Human/Landscape.


"Wall of Smalls" - 4 artists.

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And some images of Decomposing Vistas.


"Harry's Cousin" #DecomposingVistas #jerseyarts

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And here's some video of the receptions while they were going on.

And don't forget, we have artist talks for BOTH exhibitions scheduled for February 24, which is the day to see both exhibitions. The Human/Landscape talk is from 1-2PM on Feb. 24, while the Decomposing Vistas talk is from 2-3PM on February 24.