Glass Fusion: Kiln Carving

Glass Fusion: Kiln Carving

Saturday, October 14th, 12-5pm

In this third glass fusing class, we will be 'kiln carving'. In kiln carving, a design is cut into ceramic fiber paper by using an exacto knife. The glass is set on top of the fiber paper in the kiln, and then heated to a melting point, causing the glass to flow over the fiber paper, so that it is embossed with the design of the fiber paper. Stringers and frit will be additional design elements available for experimentation. This class is safe and suitable for beginners as well as those who have glass fusing experience. Students can make a free-standing piece, a piece that sits in a table easel, or a bowl. The pieces made during the class will be taken home by the instructor to fire, and will be returned to Artworks two weeks later for pickup.

Instructor: Judy Tyndall

Price: $60

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