Fine Lines, Colorful Markings

Community Gallery


May 9 – June 3

Reception: May 13, 6-9pm

This solo exhibition showcases the illustrative works of Scott Madsen.

Varied Illustrations created with pen and ink, pen ink and water color, and fine line complementary markers cross hatched to create tones of grey.

Scott Madsen is a lifelong and proud native New Jerseyian as well as a compulsive serial doodler who can be seen drawing anywhere, anytime, with almost anything.

After a less than stellar academic career in public school and a hitch in the Navy, Scott decided to follow his passion and to see where it would lead. Graduating from The Kubert School in 1985, working freelance on many varied projects and clients until landing a position as Illustrator and eventually lead illustrator until 2000.

Since that time he has been exploring a variety of mediums and techniques pushing his personal boundaries while embracing chaos and welcoming randomness always trying to maintain his basic drawing fundementals and humor.

Never one to buy into the “thinking outside the box” he believes creativity is more like thing with in multiple boxes simultaneously and bringing something coherent together, because to think outside the box one has to know what is in the box.