Community Gallery

DUET – An Exhibit of Representational Photography and Abstract Art

- Kathleen Liao and C.a. Shofed

October 24 – December 1

Reception: November 4, 5-8pm



Artistic photography and abstract art connect to create a new energy in this novel exhibit by two New Jersey artist.   Individual works of each artist are paired to create a story of rhythm and pattern, with the combination resulting in a harmonious duet.

The differences in approach to visual expression enhance the impact of the pieces, which unite to create an open-ended story. Shofed shot the photograph, and Liao painted it – or vice versa.  The mystery behind these complementary pairs is that although each was created entirely independent of one another in time and space.   The works co-existed even before these artists knew each other.  The movement and textures of each piece are physically related, as if through a link in DNA.   The artwork has a pure connection.   The abstract paintings provide a musical score for the photography.

After the artists did meet, they found that they had their own co-existent connections.  They both were raised in towns not too far from each other and had mutual childhood friends.  They shared a love of music and art from an early age, and as adults, both gravitated toward the art scene in Trenton.   What both artists found amazing was how gravitational forces seem to pull their artwork together to create an unlikely but natural body of work.