Drawing 101

"Drawing 101"

Instructor: Lori Johansson

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These three workshops will inspire youth to draw by encouraging them to pursue their love of art. We will be working on basic drawing techniques, and will focus on items based on the class’ initial skill level and students’ interests. This series aims to captivate the minds of the artists by introducing games, techniques, and exercises.

To start the series, we will explore hand-eye coordination by doing some free drawing warm ups, then we'll begin with drawing geometric shapes. With this exercise, students will learn to look at objects and be able to break them down into easy-to-draw geometric shapes. Once the young artists have mastered drawing objects, the class will move on to shading techniques to make objects appear 3 dimensional. They will be taught to look for light and shadows. The students will conclude the series by drawing a still life using the techniques they learned throughout the workshops.

On the last day of the workshops, the students will bind their own sketchbooks using pipe cleaners, and have the open assignment to fill the entire book with drawings on their own. They will also receive a list of ideas for drawing in their sketchbooks to inspire them and keep them thinking in new ways.