Artworks, Trenton’s downtown visual arts center, connects community, culture and creativity through the arts.  Our exhibitions, classes and events make art an accessible experience for all. With this mission, our goal is to provide opportunities for building and developing community  among and between art students of all ages, professional and amateur artists, inner city and suburban residents, die-hard art fans and first time art appreciators. Artworks collaborates with a tapestry of Trenton organizations to promote artistic diversity, foster creativity and inspire the next generation of artists.

Our Educational Programming is divided into two categories:

- Youth Education, which is focused on after school programs in partnership with local community-based organizations, as well as programming that fosters interest in the arts for kids and young adults up to 18 years old.

- Adult Education, which provides an educational opportunity for adults that differs from traditional forms of education. Through our classes, workshops and outreach programs, we aim to develop artistic talent, enhance interest in visual art and bring communities together.