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Zombie Makeup 101: Making the Undead

Friday, October 28th, 7-9pm


Blood, Bruises, and Burns! Learn the basics of gory special effects makeup in a fun hands-on atmosphere. Let professional makeup artist Meagan Impellizzeri show you how to use the tools of the trade. We will discuss and demonstrate the various materials and makeup used in the industry and students will have the opportunity to try materials and practice on one another and the model. Meagan is an experienced teacher and her classes are both fun and chock full of great information and tips! Class is BYOB so students are welcome to bring any beverages and snacks to enjoy during the class. Can't think of a good costume for Halloween? Well, do we have the perfect thing for you! Come and get gross with us!

Instructor: Meagan Impellizzeri

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Price: $25

Watercolor Anarchy

Watercolor Anarchy

Saturday, November 5th & 19th, 2016, 10am-1pm

Once titled “Watercolor Independent Study”, this supportive and inclusive group quickly evolved and became known as “Watercolor Anarchy”. Set up a still life, use your photos for inspiration - or - experiment with artistic ideas from your inner being.  Work with basic watercolors, textured papers, collage, monoprints or layering and enjoy the flow of watercolor in a supportive and creative group setting. Each week the class finishes with a group critique that the "Anarchists" call ‘show & tell’.

*Please note that materials are not supplied in this workshop. Please refer to the suggested materials list below:

Paint: Winsor-Newton, SoHo or Grumbacher brands are preferred. Be sure to get watercolors and not gouache.

Warm Colors - Cadmium yellow medium, Cadmium red medium or deep, Ultramarine blue, Cobalt blue, Raw sienna or yellow ochre

Cool Colors - Aureolin or Lemon yellow, Alizarin crimson, Antwerp or Winsor (Pthalo) blue, Cerulean blue, Burnt sienna

Palette: Any plastic watercolor well that has wells for paint around the outside with a LARGE mixing area and a lid. A white enameled "butcher" tray or a dinner plate with plastic wrap will work.

Paper: 140lb cold press, suggested brands are Lanaquarelle, Arches and Waterford.

Brushes: 1" flat brush with beveled handle, #10 or #12 round, #5 or #6 round, 1/2" flat (synthetic or blended is fine)

Miscellaneous: Spiral bound sketchbook with heavier or watercolor paper, pencil, roll of masking or artist tape, sponge, water container (ex. leftover yogurt container), paper towels

Instructor: Gail Bracegirdle

Price: $50 (2-day workshop)

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Shibori: Japanese Dye Techniques

Saturday, November 19th, 2016, 1-4pm

This class is an introduction to shibori for adults.  Shibori is a Japanese resist dye technique which creates unique patterns on fabric by folding, binding, and sewing.  Participants will create an array of designs dyed in beautiful indigo.

Students enrolled in this class should anticipate bringing the following items:

  • 4 small or medium articles of pre-washed 100% cotton plain white/off white fabric (i.e. t-shirt, leggings, curtains, table cloth, blanket, bandana, etc.)
  • Rubber gloves (i.e. kitchen gloves, disposable latex, etc.)

All other materials will be provided.

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

Price: $40

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Crash Course in Silkscreen Printing

Saturday, December 3rd & 10th, 2016, 11am-4pm

Using contemporary silkscreen methods, artists will approach printing through painterly and photographic techniques, creating two editions of prints through a combination of images and the layering of colors. Artists will familiarize themselves with various image-making and inking techniques, and learn the steps needed to create a small edition using water-based inks. This technique-driven class is a perfect starting point for artists wanting to print posters and broadsides, to artists wanting to explore art-making in new ways. No experience necessary.

Students enrolled in this class should anticipate bringing the following items:

  • Sketchbook or notebook Images (on a CD/Flash Drive/via email) that you are comfortable using as jumping off points or for experimentation purposes, as well as images to consider using as a final image. The more images provided, the better the opportunity for learning. Students can provide drawings, text, or photos.
  • One roll of paper towels


Instructor: Dave DiMarchi

Price: $75 Early Registration*/ $80 Regular Registration

Early Registration ends on Thursday October 27th at 2pm*

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