Volunteering Together at Art All Night – Trenton: Candice and Jaimie

With the deadline to sign up to volunteer at Art All Night - Trenton fast approaching, we wanted to give you another glimpse of the different couples who volunteer together at our annual extravaganza. Previously, we spoke with Megan about the time she spends with her husband, Tom, at Art All Night - Trenton, and this week we get a chance to learn about Candice and her sister, Jaimie.

If you have come to Art All Night - Trenton over the last few years, you’ve no doubt seen Candice and Jaimie; they normally spend their volunteer shifts working one of our entrances, and would be some of the first smiling faces you’d see as you entered the Roebling Wire Works building. We got a chance to speak with Candice about how she spends Art All Night - Trenton weekend with her sister, and from what she tells us, their volunteer work at Art All Night - Trenton is just as much about family as it is about the arts scene in their home town.

What made you want to volunteer together?
This has become a tradition for us and we really do look forward to supporting this event each year.  Our parents were born and raised in Trenton and even though we don't live there anymore we believe in continuing to support a community that has given so much to our family.  Art All Night - Trenton is one way that we are able to do this

What’s the best part about volunteering together?
The best part about volunteering for Art All Night - Trenton is that it is brings together different groups of people from diverse backgrounds to enjoy the arts and entertainment.  We love that it is an annual event.  Each year it grows and there is always something new!

Do you spend any time at Art All Night - Trenton not volunteering with your sister?
Nope, this is our bonding time so we are always together. Usually we volunteer then return later on as patrons to enjoy the arts and entertainment. The weekend for us is all about Art All Night - Trenton.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Art All Night - Trenton?
Besides the art, Jaimie likes trying all of the different food trucks and I like the Silent Disco.

For more information on volunteering at Art All Night - Trenton, check out our website.