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Snow Day 2.9.17

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Snow Day 2.9.17

Artworks will be closed today,

February 9th, 2017

Artworks will be closed today due to inclement weather. We will reopen tomorrow, February 10th, at 11am. Please be safe and enjoy your snow day!

Explorations in Geometry – Bill Brookover

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Explorations in Geometry – Bill Brookover

Community Gallery


February 28 – March 25

Reception: March 11, 6-8pm

Artist's Talk: March 18th, 3pm

Geometry is an ordering device used by artists throughout history. From Neolithic ornament to Navajo potters and African Kente cloth weavers to 20th century design, geometry has been used to create lively and intriguing patterns that keep us engaged in looking and thinking. The human mind seeks to find patterns and order in human experience.  Long before humans developed mathematics, we were counting and creating complex, interweaving patterns.  It’s human nature to keep looking and analyzing these patterns to find the key, the repeating element that unlocks the puzzle.

Based in printmaking techniques, these works explore the world of pattern, geometry and symmetry.   His recent work moves into three dimensions. The pieces are printed as two separate layers that are cut apart and reassembled with a bit of space between them so that they lift off the page.  Contrasts engage your eyes with the work: hard edge vs. curved; solid vs. pattern; geometric vs. organic. There are two separate layers, an upper and a lower, each with its own technique and design element: pattern, color, direction, solid/void.  Rotational and mirror symmetry generate patterns that seem chaotic and disordered, but that have an underlying order.  The viewer is drawn to the work first through bright color and strong contrasts. The viewer then gives the work a closer inspection, trying to find the pattern, which makes the work live in the viewer’s mind after they leave the gallery. The work is a record of the artist’s visual research into how the human mind explores visual systems and structures.  The exhibition will be comprised of a mix of larger and smaller paper collages mounted to float within wooden frames.

On Saturday, March 18th, Bill Brookover will be giving a talk about his exhibition, "Explorations in Geometry". Here is a link to the event page.

Prindiville Moher Group Exhibition

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Prindiville Moher Group Exhibition

Main Gallery


February 28 – March 25

Reception: March 11, 6-8pm

The Prindiville Moher Gallery of New Jersey is a Non-Profit 501 (3)(c) Organization that exists with the goal of enriching the careers of emerging Artists. Artists will be given guidance and support in achieving their professional goals in the areas of marketing, exhibition and sales. Prindiville Moher hopes that with this assistance Artists will be able to remain more focused on their creative process.

Prindiville Moher has focused primarily on Pop up Art exhibits, Festivals and Marketing for our Artists. Most of our Artists are from the Trenton area and many still reside within 10 miles of the Capital City.  Prindiville Moher is focused on helping our Artists and a group exhibition at Artworks would certainly help our Artists greatly. Many of our Artists have shown at Artworks in some capacity, one of our Artists has a studio at Artworks, one has had a solo exhibit and many have been a part of group exhibits with Artworks.

Quick Books

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Quick Books

Quick Books

Saturday, February 25th, 11am-5pm

Over the course of 1 technique-driven day, artists will learn all the skills needed to create multiple hand-bound books, perfect for sketchbooks and artists’ books. Artists will learn to create paper and cloth-bound covers, make and sew signatures, and learn alternative binding techniques.  This course will stress the how-to’s of quick and easy bookbinding, as well as incorporating individuality into the bindings and covers. No experience necessary!

Instructor: Dave DiMarchi

Price: $65/$60 Early Registration (Deadline Feb. 4th)

Register Here

Creative Capital 2017

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Creative Capital 2017

creative capital 2017 banner

Open Call for NJ-Based Artists

from Creative Capital and Artworks Trenton




Multi-format four-month program in financial and business management to help artists establish a secure base upon which to create and grow their work.



“You have provided incredible tools for success.” – 2016 participant

Presented by Creative Capital, Artworks, Gallery Aferro, and the South Jersey Cultural Alliance.


The Creative Capital Professional Development Program (PDP)’s Blended Learning Program is an integrated four-month program running from March – July 2017 that combines a one-day Strategic Planning & Fundraising in-person workshop, three live webinars, a series of online courses, artist working groups and small group phone consultations. Artworks is proud to be a partner for the second year in this innovative artists-teaching-artists professional development program specially designed for New Jersey artists. This program is made possible by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

The initial day-long in-person workshop will be held on March 18, 2017 at the SJCA in Hammonton and on March 19, 2017 at Gallery Aferro in Newark (Central New Jersey artists selected by Artworks will be split between these two locations and dates) with a final convening workshop for all participants held on July 15, 2017 at Artworks in Trenton. 20 Trenton-area artists will be accepted into the program by Artworks, along with 20 artists from Northern New Jersey and 20 artists from Southern New Jersey. Professional artists of all disciplines are eligible to participate in the program, artists should be generative, not interpretive (for example, the composer over the violinist, the playwright over the actor). Artists can be from more than one discipline. We are committed to diversity in all it’s multiple forms, with artists of color and/or those who identify as LGBTQIA+ especially encouraged to apply.

Applications Due February 21, at 11:59 p.m.

Apply online using this link to a simple registration form.  APPLY HERE

Contact with questions.

This program is offered to accepted artists free of charge.
Selections will be made by Artworks according to the following criteria. The artists should specifically demonstrate they:

• Have a track record of ongoing artistic activity;

• Have a clarity of artistic vision and purpose;
• Are ready to move to a new phase of their artistic career;
• Can significantly benefit from the program’s focus on goal-setting and skill-building in fundraising, marketing, and financial management; and
• Can benefit from developing a new network of professional contacts.​


The comprehensive program includes:


Artist Self-Assessment (early March) Artists will complete a self-assessment to help them better understand their strengths and challenges before the program begins. The assessment includes questions about finances, time management, personal goals, and fundraising techniques.


Strategic Planning & Fundraising Workshop (March 18 in Hammonton, March 19 in Newark, artists are required to attend only one) Artists will attend a one-day workshop in Strategic Planning & Fundraising designed for individual artists. The workshop will include group lectures and small-group breakout sessions (see sample agenda below). Artists will receive the PDP’s Artist’s Tools Handbook and Strategic Planning Workbook to guide their personal planning process.


Three Live-Streaming Interactive Webinars (April & May) Artists will dig deeper into specific topics introduced in the workshop by participating in a series of live, interactive webinars. Partner organizations have the option to gather the artists at one site to participate in the webinars as a group, furthering community-building and collaboration. Artists will receive recordings of the webinars for future reference.


Webinar Topic Options:

  • Art Business Management (Monday, April 3, 7-8:30pm) Essential components of organizing your practice, including managing relationships, hiring employees, contracts, negotiation, budgeting, cash flow, time management, space organization, marketing and business etiquette.
  • Real Life Budgeting (Thursday, April 27, 7-8:30pm) A practical look at budgeting for artists. Discusses misconceptions about money, four ways to improve your financial life this week, establishing life-long principles, determining your hourly rate, and creating a realistic project budget.
  • Kickstarter School (Wednesday, May 10, 7-8:30pm) A primer on how to bring a crowd funded project to life via Kickstarter. Explore case studies of successful projects and learn what kind of rewards work best, how to spread the word about a project and other tips.


Online Courses (May-June, self-directed) After the completion of the webinars, three online courses will be a made available for participants who want to dig deeper into financial management, revenue generation and grant applications. Each 60-minute online course is divided into a series of short video chapters, accompanied by research, homework assignments and downloadable work sheets. Artists can access these optional course on their own time and complete at their leisure, and revisit for up to a year.


Online Course Options:

  • Financial Management: Includes chapters and exercises on Employment and Income Goals; Retirement Savings; Taxes; Student Loans and Debt Management; Credit Reports and Scores, and First-Time Home Buying.
  • Grants and Applications: Includes chapters and exercises on Writing a Grant Proposal or Residency Application; Project and Grant Budgets; Writing an Artist Statement; and Best Practices for Work Samples.
  • Exploring Streams of Revenue: Includes chapters and exercises on Assessing Self-employment vs. Employment; Assessing Your Day Job and Salary; Public Art Commissions; Teaching; Pricing Your Work (for visual artists), and Selling Your Work (for visual artists).


Small Group Sessions and Check-in (June) Participants are given the option to be part of a small peer-to-peer working group for each of the online courses they chose to complete.  Each group will have a scheduled check-in call with a course leader to review their work, ask questions, and share information with one another.


Final Wrap-up Convening/Workshop (July 15 in Trenton) A final in-person wrap-up event that will bring together all participating artists. PDP leaders will offer content to follow up and wrap up the program and facilitate small group peer-to-peer sharing. The final convening can also be used as an opportunity for both participants and the partner organization to plans ways and systems to continue to work together, to support each other, and to extend the program further into their community.


Participants leave the program with:


  • A personalized plan of action based on their own identified goals for their art career
  • A roadmap for funding their work and revenue-generation, including improving fundraising materials; working with partners and building a base of individual contributors
  • New perspectives on how to approach presenting and writing about their work for fundraising purposes
  • Increased understanding of their personal and professional financial options
  • A framework for deciding which opportunities to say yes or no to, and how to do so
  • A new understanding of the value of their time, and how it relates to the pricing of their work
  • The PDP Strategic Planning Workbook, which includes exercises and evaluation processes to work toward your own personal goal setting and financial management
  • The PDP Artist Tools Handbook, an essential guide filled with practical tools and resources
  • Handouts that include self-assessment exercises, focusing strategies, worksheets and tools
  • A cohort of peer artists in the community who can act as resources going forwards





About Artworks


Artworks is Trenton’s visual arts center. Our mission is connecting community, culture and creativity through the arts. At our main headquarters we host art exhibits at our main gallery and our community gallery. We strive for artistic excellence and relevance to our community in the exhibits we present. Artworks hosts a variety workshops, open studio programs, and youth and adult education programs at our headquarters and at outside sites. Artworks connects communities within Trenton and builds bridges to our neighboring communities with events year-round, including our wildly popular Art All Night 24-hour art festival in June, and Art All Day, our open studio and creative space tour throughout Trenton in November.


About Creative Capital


Creative Capital supports innovative and adventurous artists across the country through funding, counsel and career development services. Since 1999, Creative Capital has committed $40 million in financial and advisory support to 511 projects representing 612 artists. Our Professional Development Program (PDP), which grew out of our work with grantees, has now reached more than 12,000 additional artists in 600 communities through in-person workshops and live webinars. The Professional Development Program is supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Bloomberg Philanthropies, National Endowment for the Arts, Hearst Foundations, The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundation, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.


About the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation


The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation supports leadership, innovation, and collaboration for a better New Jersey. For more than 40 years, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation has nurtured leaders, ideas, and institutions which transcend self interest and promote a sustainable future. Dodge focuses on issues critical to their home state of New Jersey, and organizations that have a direct and meaningful impact there.


About the New Jersey State Council on the Arts


NJSCA believes the arts are central to every element we value most in a modern society including: human understanding; cultural and civic pride; strong communities; excellent schools; lifelong learning; creative expression and economic opportunity.




Watercolor Anarchy

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Watercolor Anarchy

Watercolor Anarchy

Saturday, February 4th & 11th, 10am-1pm

Once titled “Watercolor Independent Study”, this supportive and inclusive group quickly evolved and became known as “Watercolor Anarchy”. This is a great opportunity for those looking to refine their craft and knowledge of watercolor techniques. Set up a still life, use your photos for inspiration - or - experiment with artistic ideas from your inner being.  Work with basic watercolors, textured papers, collage, monoprints or layering and enjoy the flow of watercolor in a supportive and creative group setting. Each week the class finishes with a group critique that the "Anarchists" call ‘show & tell’.

*Please note that materials are not supplied in this workshop. Please refer to the suggested materials list below:

Paint: Winsor-Newton, SoHo or Grumbacher brands are preferred. Be sure to get watercolors and not gouache.

Warm Colors - Cadmium yellow medium, Cadmium red medium or deep, Ultramarine blue, Cobalt blue, Raw sienna or yellow ochre

Cool Colors - Aureolin or Lemon yellow, Alizarin crimson, Antwerp or Winsor (Pthalo) blue, Cerulean blue, Burnt sienna

Palette: Any plastic watercolor well that has wells for paint around the outside with a LARGE mixing area and a lid. A white enameled "butcher" tray or a dinner plate with plastic wrap will work.

Paper: 140lb cold press, suggested brands are Lanaquarelle, Arches and Waterford.

Brushes: 1" flat brush with beveled handle, #10 or #12 round, #5 or #6 round, 1/2" flat (synthetic or blended is fine)

Miscellaneous: Spiral bound sketchbook with heavier or watercolor paper, pencil, roll of masking or artist tape, sponge, water container (ex. leftover yogurt container), paper towels

Instructor: Gail Bracegirdle

Price: $50 (2-day workshop) or $25 per day

Register Here

Closed Due To Snow

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Closed Due To Snow

Artworks will be closing today at 1230 due to the snow and hazardous driving conditions.

Please be safe out there if you need to travel.


We will resume normal operating hours on January 10th.

Happy Holidays – Winter 2016/2017

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Happy Holidays – Winter 2016/2017

Happy Holidays!

The staff and volunteers at Artworks would like to wish everyone the happiest of holidays. May this season bring cheer, laughter, and love to you and yours.

Artworks will be closed on both Saturday, December 24th & Saturday, December 31st. We will be open on Friday, December 23rd & Friday, December 30th, 11am-8pm.

The Muse: Engage Your Creative Source

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The Muse: Engage Your Creative Source

The Muse –

Engage Your Creative Source

Saturday, February 25th, 2017, 11am-4pm

Survey historical and contemporary ideas about the sources of creative inspiration. Compare mythical and scientific explanations. Learn which hands-on techniques best access your creative inspiration. Develop a personal synthesis using contemporary brain research, the Jungian “Collective Unconscious,” and ancient practices for heightened states of consciousness. Breathe new forms of inspiration into your creative work.

Student should bring the following materials:

       Comfortable clothing
•       Yoga mat, floor pillow or towel -- You may use chairs that are provided
•       Sketchbook 11 X 17
•       Markers, pencils and eraser

Instructor: Michelle Rothwell

Price: $25

Register Here

Life Drawing February 2017

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Life Drawing February 2017

Life Drawing

Saturday, February 18th, 2016, 12-3pm

Both beginners and seasoned artists are welcome to this Saturday workshop. A nude model, easels and drawing boards will be provided, but participants must bring their own paper and drawing media. Adam Brazil will be guiding instruction for those interested, but participants may also use this time to sketch freely. Registration is limited, so sign up early!

Suggested Supply List: 18" x 24" newsprint pad, 18" x 24" drawing paper pad, vine charcoal, compressed charcoal, conté crayon, kneaded rubber eraser, pencils (2h to 4b range), workable fixative - paper and drawing media are not supplied by Artworks. 

Please arrive 10 minutes early. 

Instructor: Nicole Asay

Price: $25.00

Register Here