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Crash Course in Silkscreening

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Crash Course in Silkscreening

Crash Course in Silksreening

Saturday, December 2nd & 9th, 12-5pm


Using contemporary silkscreen methods, artists will approach printing through painterly and photographic techniques, creating two editions of prints through a combination of images and the layering of colors. Artists will familiarize themselves with various image-making and inking techniques, and learn the steps needed to create a small edition using water-based inks. This technique-driven class is a perfect starting point for artists wanting to print posters and broadsides, to artists wanting to explore art-making in new ways. No experience necessary.

Students enrolled in this class should anticipate bringing the following items:

  • Sketchbook or notebook Images (on a CD/Flash Drive/via email) that you are comfortable using as jumping off points or for experimentation purposes, as well as images to consider using as a final image. The more images provided, the better the opportunity for learning. Students can provide drawings, text, or photos.
  • One roll of paper towels

Instructor: Dave DiMarchi

Price: $80

Register Here

Aspiring Artist Youth Series

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Aspiring Artist Youth Series

"Aspiring Artists Series"

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

$5 Material Fee for the Month

Register Here

*If your child is not able to attend every class, please notify the Education Coordinator at:

November 11th – Create Your Own Sketchbook

Many artists use sketchbooks as a journal to keep all their creative thoughts together.  Join us to create your very own sketchbook from scratch!

November 18th – Create Your Own Art Travel Bag

Are you an artist on the go?  Join us to create your very own art supply roll up bag so you can make art anytime, anywhere!

Art All Day Group Exhibition

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Art All Day Group Exhibition

Main Gallery


November 4 – December 1

Reception: November 4, 6-8pm

This group exhibition is a showcase of the exhibiting artists who participated in Art All Day.  If you missed this year's Art All Day, this is a great way to sample some of the participating artists works.  


The Art All Day Event

On November 04, Art All Day attendees can park for free at Artworks’ 19 Everett Alley headquarters, take in the Artists of Art All Day group show at the Artworks main gallery, on view from 12 p.m. until 8 p.m., visit studios on site and sample from local food trucks before taking a map and embarking on their art tour.  Art All Day walking, bicycle and trolley tours all leave from Artworks. After the open studio tour throughout Trenton, taking place from 12 noon to 6 p.m., visitors can return to Artworks for a free reception from 6 to 8 p.m.

For more information and full list of locations and events, please go to

Aspiring Artist Series Teens

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Aspiring Artist Series Teens

"Aspiring Artists Series"

Instructor: Kate Eggleston

$5 Material Fee for the Month

Register Here

*If your child is not able to attend every class, please notify the Education Coordinator at:

November 11th – Book Binding: Make a Sketchbook

Many artists use sketchbooks as a journal to keep all their creative thoughts together. Join us to create your very own sketchbook!

November 18th –  Make a Travel Supply Case

Are you an artist on the go? Join us to create your very own art supply roll up bag so you can make art anytime, anywhere!

The Art All Day 2017 Live-Blog

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The sixth annual Art All Day is underway, and we're already in heaven. It's a beautiful day in the city of Trenton, and Artworks has been buzzing with art lovers looking to hop on tours, view the art we have on-hand, and take in some of the live demonstrations going on at Artworks Trenton today.

We'll be keeping you posted throughout the day with the goings-on at Artworks, and hopefully some of the other spaces, during Art All Day. We want you to keep us informed as well: tag any social media posts with #aadtrenton and we'll like, retweet, and share some of our favorites right here in this post!

First up, know that there IS a Group Exhibition live at Artworks in the main gallery.

Outside, we have two food trucks: Tower Dogs and My Four Suns. Do you know what that means? You won't have to go ANYWHERE to satiate your hunger after taking in everything that Art All Day has to offer.


My Four Suns and Tower Dogs are on hand to keep you feed. And they do swipe! #aadtrenton

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There are also a number of artists inside Artworks with art on display, including some live activities for people to partake in.

That includes Addison Vincent, who is doing some awesome work with paint and a blow dryer.

Casa Cultura also shared some footage of their Art All Day 2017 activities.

And that's just the beginning! We even hopped on a trolley to catch some of the sights. Not only did we check out the William Trent House, but we stopped by Casa Cultura, who had live-painting and art for sale, with proceeds going to the relief effort in Puerto Rico.

Caught a trolley, saw some history and some awesome art. #aadtrenton

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Taking in the sights at #CasaCultura #aadtrenton

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We highly recommend the trolleys, especially if you wanted to spend some time at a particular sight. We'll be attempting to hop on a bus tour before the day's done!

Galería Casa Cultura Shines A Light on the Artistry Of Trenton’s Latino Community

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November 2017 marks the two-year anniversary of Galería Casa Cultura, an intriguing establishment on Broad Street in Trenton that houses an amazing exchange of art and ideas from the Latino community in the city. Founded by Sam Kanig, Josue Lora, Dave Palacios, and Peter Rodriguez, the gallery has played host to exciting art exhibits, live music performances, and more, and has morphed into a hub for the Latino community to discuss social issues.

We recently caught up with Kanig, who's name you might remember from the newspapers earlier this year when a dispute over a mural of the Puerto Rican flag he painted turned racist, to get a brief history of Casa Cultura, how the gallery (and the community) reacted to the tragedy in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria, and what we can expect from the space during Art All Day 2017.

Growing up in Trenton, it's easy to recognize how massive the Latin community is in the city, and yet it was only until a few years ago that Casa Cultura became the first Latin art gallery in Trenton. What do you think took so long for something as important as this space to happen?
Being part of the Latino community, I was always exposed to the arts and the music that was always present but sort of hidden in our community. Later, meeting Josue Peter and Dave had a huge impact in shaping the idea of Casa Cultura because we all possessed talents that we wanted to share with the world. At the same time, we knew that there had to be more people like us who never had their opportunity to share their work. Casa Cultura became a place where we could empower Latinos to recognize that they have a place in the arts community. Later on, after doing her solo exhibit, Tamara Torres joined the team and brought with her a passion that coincided very well with Casa Cultura’s mission. Since then she has had an active role in our endeavors.

When it came to music, the city of Trenton is home to some of the most amazing musicians in the East Coast, but very rarely do they have an opportunity to show it off in their home town. We wanted it to be a venue where they are able to bring their talents to their home. When we talk about the visual artist, there were already some names that were very well known in the area. Others, who never even taught of themselves as artists, began to visit us and we made them aware that there is a space for them to work on their craft and build on their talents. Casa Cultura naturally became a place of empowerment for artists.

Talk about Casa Cultura's growth over the last few years; it feels like it's never just been an art gallery. Was it always open for more discussions and social activity?
Over the last few years Casa Cultura has found a place in our community. Not only in the art scene but also in civic engagement. We have done a number of exhibits as well as many musical events but we have also taken every opportunity to engage in social issues we feel are important in our community. From immigration rallies to local politics to providing services to people in need, it has always been in our hearts to be a part of our community. The key has always been to use our collective creativity and skills to bring awareness in a manner that would catch the attention of our community but very specifically, our youth. Casa Cultura has, since its beginning, partnered with many different grassroots, community organizations, and non-profits. This will always continue to be part of our mission.

It's been a rough year for Puerto Rico, primarily with the horrific damage done by Hurricane Maria. I'd seen members of Casa Cultura stepping in early to organize funds and supplies to send to those in need. How important was it for Casa Cultura to step in like that?
Casa Cultura’s members come from many different places in Latin America. I represent Puerto Rico, where I grew up most of my life, and I naturally felt a responsibility to help. I immediately organized a community meeting to discuss the aide and relief efforts the day prior to Hurricane Maria hitting the island. A category 5 hurricane was heading in a direct path to Puerto Rico, and we just knew that we could not wait to begin organizing and creating a plan that we could execute right away. This effort was echoed throughout the entire community with many organizations and individuals joining together to become part of a huge movement that has already sent thousands of pounds in donations such as water, food, and other basic necessities. Along with the Puerto Rican Civic Association, a monetary fund has been established. The funds collected will be sent directly to organizations in the island who are providing on-the-ground support. Casa Cultura is proud to be a part of this incredible display of love and support to Puerto Rico. We are just one of many organizations and community members who have selflessly and tirelessly given their all for that beautiful island.

Will the events of Hurricane Maria and other issues to the Latin community become a part of what Casa Cultura will be showing at Art All Day 2017? Can you talk about what people will experience when they hit the studio on Art All Day 2017?
Inspired by the resilience that we have witnessed from the people in Puerto Rico over the last few weeks, we felt the need to do a tribute to the island and everything that they have been going through. Not necessarily focusing on the tragedy, but more so celebrating what makes us Boricuas which is our culture and traditions. In this exhibit, you will find artists such as Tamara Torres, Berto Cintron, Leticia Acevedo, Jazmin Jones, Orlando Vargas and Jossue ‘El Indio’ Ramos. Each of these artists have a very particular style that reflects their Puerto Rican roots. As part of the events for Art All Day, four of these artists will be doing live painting inspired by the resilience of our people and the fight to rise again. Also, a special wall is being curated by Tamara Torres. This wall will feature prints and original art from local and regional artists from all backgrounds. These artists have very generously donated their art to be part of a fundraiser that will support Casa Cultura’s upcoming projects in the island. The prices of the art will range between $40-$60 and 100% of the proceeds will be sent to Puerto Rico. Casa Cultura is committed to being part of the long term recovery in the island.

Can you give any insight on what will be going down at Casa Cultura in the near future?
In the upcoming months, Casa Cultura will be hosting events in different locations throughout the city. There will be visual art that will include solo and group exhibits by amazing artists from diverse Latino backgrounds. We will also feature musicians with very unique sounds and an ability to set the tone for what is sure to be a memorable event. One of our main missions has always been to share our Latino roots to the rest of the world and also exposing our Latino community to other cultures, as this is what brings us together.

Casa Cultura is located at 222 S. Broad Street in Trenton; find out more about them via their Facebook page, and be sure to stop by during Art All Day 2017!

The Trenton Photo Club Focuses On The Beauty of Trenton

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Image via Chris Marinari

Looking to take in some captivating photography during Art All Day Trenton 2017? You definitely need to check out the Trenton Photo Club at 69 Cromwell Alley on November 4. While anyone with an iPhone can consider themselves a competent photographer, the Trenton Photo Club prides itself in showcasing the beauty within the City of Trenton, and that directive was handed down straight from the top by TPC founder Chris Marinari.

We got a chance to speak with Marinari about the origin of the Trenton Photo Club, the highlights of being a member, and a glimpse at what they have in store for Art All Day 2017.

When did the Trenton Photo Club begin? What was the reason for the creation of the Photo Club?
I started the club in July 2014 after asking several people in the Trenton art community if there was a organization that focused on photography in the city that I could become involved with. After hearing that no there wasn’t and that I should start it from all of them, I did. 
What makes the Trenton Photo Club different from other clubs in a similar vein?
There are no other clubs in a similar vein. There are other places where people share photos of Trenton but you will not find pictures of homeless people taken with the intent to mock them or photos of garbage strewn streets taken from moving cars by people who can’t wait to get back out of the city on our page. There are other Photo Clubs in the region but not one that focuses on the city and costs nothing to join. I believe we are unique in our function and our approach. The Trenton Photo Club’s objective is to unite photographers; experienced, non-experienced and the beginner who share the common interest, Trenton New Jersey. It doesn't matter if you take pictures with a cell phone, DSLR or film camera, you are welcome to join us and explore all of the photographic opportunities that Trenton has to offer.

Image via Rob Keephart

How many people are considered members of the Trenton Photo Club?
We currently have 281 members on our Facebook Group Page. According to the member insight tools they provide, 191 are active on a regular basis. Of those members I would estimate 30-40 participate in our Photo Walks, Field Trips or other events. 
What does it take to be a member?
All it takes is a request on Facebook to join. One of our admins will look at your profile to ensure that it’s a valid request, not a spam account, and usually approve it. You do not have to be a Trenton resident in order to be a part of this club. It is open to anyone and everyone who has a love of photography and an interest in Trenton. That said, it is a club. We will remove members who show disregard to the rules of the club, attack other members or are negative towards the City of Trenton. 
Talk about what the Trenton Photo Club has in store for Art All Day this year.
The Photo Club will be having a Pop Up Gallery and open house party mixer for Art All Day. We should have prints from about 20 members on display. Local photographer Devon John Chebra will be there to talk about her daguerreotypes and other alternative processes.  We are still working on the final list of musical acts, but we currently have booked Ellen Anderson, an amazing singer-songwriter who plays guitar and fiddle, and Jessica Stanley, a local favorite ukulele player with an incredible voice. There will be light food and refreshments. 
What else does the Trenton Photo Club have going on in the near future?
We have a couple photo walks in the works that should happen before the end of the year. One of the objectives of the club is to give members an opportunity to display their work in a group setting. We currently have three TPC group shows booked over the next 12 months: The Trent House Museum, Artworks, and Hopewell Valley Vineyard.
Earlier this year we started what we call “Field Trips”. This was a way for us to go outside the city limits to take pictures with a Trenton-based photographer’s perspective. The first one we did gave our members the opportunity to be on the photo team for MCA Day Brooklyn 2017. While it may be impossible to top being on stage taking pictures of Chuck D performing, we have one that will be announced soon that should be almost as much fun. From the onset we have been about positivity, diversity, and mutual growth of our skills as photographers. The future will be much more of the same. 

Want to learn more about the Trenton Photo Club? Check out their Facebook group! And for more details on Art All Day 2017, check out our website.


November 2017 Ink & Drink

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November 2017 Ink & Drink

Ink & Drink!

Shake off the stress of your workweek and come join us for a relaxing night of “Ink & Drink!” Artworks provides the ink, as long as you bring the drink! The Print Studio at Artworks is hosting a print night on the second Friday of every month, 7-9pm, with a studio instructor to assist you in a fun and easy activity using simple printmaking techniques to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This isn’t your usual “print & sip” folks!

The Print Studio provides all materials. All you need is a bottle of your favorite bubbly or brew. Remember, the more the merrier, so tell a friend! This event is online registration only and limited to 20 participants. Spots fill up quickly so make sure you register online now!


November 10th - Printing with Nature - Register Here

For November's Ink & Drink, take inspiration from the autumn colors as we show you the simple technique of monoprinting. Turn leaves and flowers into beautiful prints that will keep your walls festive for the holidays. All are welcome!

Instructor: Amanda Chesney

Price: $15 per person

Watercolor Anarchy Oct 28th

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Watercolor Anarchy Oct 28th

Watercolor Anarchy

Saturday, November 18th & December 2nd, 10am-1pm

Once titled “Watercolor Independent Study”, this supportive and inclusive group quickly evolved and became known as “Watercolor Anarchy”. This is a great opportunity for those looking to refine their craft and knowledge of watercolor techniques. Set up a still life, use your photos for inspiration - or - experiment with artistic ideas from your inner being.  Work with basic watercolors, textured papers, collage, monoprints or layering and enjoy the flow of watercolor in a supportive and creative group setting. Each week the class finishes with a group critique that the "Anarchists" call ‘show & tell’.

*Please note that materials are not supplied in this workshop. Please refer to the suggested materials list below:

Paint: Winsor-Newton, SoHo or Grumbacher brands are preferred. Be sure to get watercolors and not gouache.

Warm Colors - Cadmium yellow medium, Cadmium red medium or deep, Ultramarine blue, Cobalt blue, Raw sienna or yellow ochre

Cool Colors - Aureolin or Lemon yellow, Alizarin crimson, Antwerp or Winsor (Pthalo) blue, Cerulean blue, Burnt sienna

Palette: Any plastic watercolor well that has wells for paint around the outside with a LARGE mixing area and a lid. A white enameled "butcher" tray or a dinner plate with plastic wrap will work.

Paper: 140lb cold press, suggested brands are Lanaquarelle, Arches and Waterford.

Brushes: 1" flat brush with beveled handle, #10 or #12 round, #5 or #6 round, 1/2" flat (synthetic or blended is fine)

Miscellaneous: Spiral bound sketchbook with heavier or watercolor paper, pencil, roll of masking or artist tape, sponge, water container (ex. leftover yogurt container), paper towels

Instructor: Gail Bracegirdle

Price: $25 per day

Nov. 18th: Register Here

Dec. 2nd: Register Here

ARTrageous! A Cocktail FUNdraiser

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ARTrageous! A Cocktail FUNdraiser



Click here to



Join us for an evening of art, music, fancy foodbites, and festive hob-nobbing to support ongoing Youth and Teen Art Leagues at ARTWORKS. The kids of Trenton need more artmaking, and we need you to help us! Help your city thrive and raise a new generation of art makers and appreciators.

We hope you remember all the good times you had with Artworks! From Art Making Day, to Art All Night, and gallery openings like 10x10; Artworks brings culture and fun to Mercer County and Trenton! 

*Art All Night is continually growing, with 30,000 attendees in 2017, dozens of musical acts, art demos, and over 1500 pieces of artwork displayed. 
*Art All Day highlights the public art and artists of Trenton, taking attendees out into the neighborhoods of Trenton and showing off the amazing art and culture our city has to offer. 
*Artworks' galleries feature high quality work from many local artists as well as masters from around the world. 
*Our Community Gallery and ArtLab continue to expand and show off new and exciting artists, as well as feature emerging artists. 
*Artworks' youth and adult education programs which excite and inspire not only the novice, but experienced artist. 

These are just a handful of the good times we've engineered at Artworks. The best part is - a vast majority of our programming is offered at little or no cost to attendees. If you'd like to keep the fun coming, consider giving a little back to Artworks Trenton, the one Mercer County non-profit arts institution where serious fun meets high art. Even a modest donation to our operating fund helps us continue to offer you creative programming featuring thought-provoking work by both established and emerging artists, on display right here in Trenton at expansive and historic spaces like none other in the region.

As the year rolls on consider making a gift to Artworks. We are a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, so your entire donation is tax-deductible. Give what you can. We know times are tough, but if everyone gives even a little'll keep us dynamic and growing. We just can't wait to show you all the new things we have planned!