Introducing Our Art All Night – Trenton 2017 Artist Pantheon of 100 Percenters

We all know that the life of an artist isn't easy; sometimes it's impossible to find a way to make ends meet and pursue your passion. That's why the collection of artists we're going to salute today means so much more.

Every year at Art All Night - Trenton, artists have the option of putting the art they've submitted to our gallery up for sale. While Artworks does take a cut of the proceeds, artists still have the opportunity to make some money on the works they've entered. This year, we had a whopping 18 artists decide to forgo any profits from their work, giving it all back to Artworks Trenton. We appreciate their kindness, and wanted to send them a public shout out.

  • Alia Bensliman
  • Cindy Calderone
  • Marvin Sitrin
  • Gary Szabo
  • Amber Palecek
  • Lauren Reiss
  • Tara Maldonado
  • Jim Cash
  • Erin Armington
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Mary Higginbottom
  • Andrew Klein
  • Sofia Brown
  • Nigel Brown
  • Sirra Chow
  • Carly Grainger
  • Joshua Silvester
  • A. Abrobb

We appreciate the hard work, dedication, and the generous donation to Artworks Trenton. If any of you see any of them in the world, give them a pat on the back.

And if you want to check out their works, come to the Artworks Selects exhibit this Saturday (June 24, 2017) from 6PM to 9PM.