The Art All Day 2017 Live-Blog

The sixth annual Art All Day is underway, and we're already in heaven. It's a beautiful day in the city of Trenton, and Artworks has been buzzing with art lovers looking to hop on tours, view the art we have on-hand, and take in some of the live demonstrations going on at Artworks Trenton today.

We'll be keeping you posted throughout the day with the goings-on at Artworks, and hopefully some of the other spaces, during Art All Day. We want you to keep us informed as well: tag any social media posts with #aadtrenton and we'll like, retweet, and share some of our favorites right here in this post!

First up, know that there IS a Group Exhibition live at Artworks in the main gallery.

Outside, we have two food trucks: Tower Dogs and My Four Suns. Do you know what that means? You won't have to go ANYWHERE to satiate your hunger after taking in everything that Art All Day has to offer.


My Four Suns and Tower Dogs are on hand to keep you feed. And they do swipe! #aadtrenton

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There are also a number of artists inside Artworks with art on display, including some live activities for people to partake in.

That includes Addison Vincent, who is doing some awesome work with paint and a blow dryer.

Casa Cultura also shared some footage of their Art All Day 2017 activities.

And that's just the beginning! We even hopped on a trolley to catch some of the sights. Not only did we check out the William Trent House, but we stopped by Casa Cultura, who had live-painting and art for sale, with proceeds going to the relief effort in Puerto Rico.

Caught a trolley, saw some history and some awesome art. #aadtrenton

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Taking in the sights at #CasaCultura #aadtrenton

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We highly recommend the trolleys, especially if you wanted to spend some time at a particular sight. We'll be attempting to hop on a bus tour before the day's done!