We’re Live-Blogging Art All Day 2016

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The time is now; our fifth annual Art All Day extravaganza is upon us! At 23 sites across the city of Trenton, over 85 artists will be taking part in this celebration (which goes from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.) of the arts scene in Trenton, New Jersey. We'll be posted up at Artworks Trenton—which will feature a bevy of amazing artists—keeping you up to date with the proceedings throughout the day. Be sure to keep it locked to @ArtworksTrenton on Instagram and via the Art All Day Facebook page for updates, pictures, and more!

12:26PM: Things are underway here at Artworks. We have two food trucks (Saedd's and DeLorenzo's Pizza On The Go) outside, with a nice fire pit going. The Art All Day 2016 Bike Tour is about to commence, as are the first rounds of Art All Day 2016 tours (which are of the walking and trolley variety), but the real buzz is inside.


This awesome Artworks Trenton clock, which was made by Mark Fenton, will be up for auction today. Mark's actually in the Art Lab alongside artists like Leon Rainbow, with their works on display.



In our open studio, Alia Bensliman and Amanda Chesney have their works set up. Here's a look at what Alia told us she was working on.


Artworks regular Kenneth J. Lewis, Sr. is in his studio showcasing a number of his colorful pieces as well.


And that's just a small part of what's going on here. It's a beautiful day out; make it a point to stop through and check out the pieces and people who make Artworks a special haven for the arts in the city.

1:13PM: The buzz of excited art lovers at Artworks is deafening; it's a beautiful scene. The Arc wants to see a "Show of Hands."



Khalilah Sabree is also in her studio giving interesting appreciators a look around.


We're even raffling off some baskets!


You can also grab a slice of pork roll pizza (seriously) and pull up a stool aside a warm fire. Stay a while.

3:23PM: It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without an update...hope that didn't upset you. I have a good reason, though: we hit the North tour! We hit up a number of spots within the North side of the city of Trenton, including the Candelight Lounge, the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, TerraCycle, and many more. We were given loads of history about the area, as well as got to take a look at a bunch of amazing art.

And wouldn't you know, after seeing a bunch of Leon Rainbow's work, we walked back to the Artworks building and saw Leon getting some live-painting in!

Leon Rainbow is doing some live painting outside. #artallday

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